Hello Everyone! 

I have another Born Pretty review for you today. 

This time I tried Barbaric (B) Girl Matte Nail Polishes.

The set comes with three 12ml matte polishes for $7.99. They offer two different color sets, one seen above and another consisting of white, black and red (also matte) or individual polishes for $4.36

The pink polish was pretty bright, almost neon.

The formula on it was great. Very easy to apply and dried very quickly. I did use three coats for the swatch but two was definitely do-able. 

The formula on the blue polish was more disappointing. This polish was much thicker than the other two. I think it was partly because of the brush though. It was kind of wonky and it made it hard to apply, hence the bumps. This swatch used two coats .

The yellow polish, like the pink, had a great formula. Easy to work with and dried quickly. The swatch used three thin coats. 

Overall I really liked these polishes. They definitely dried matte - like they are supposed to, not a satin finish.

I’m hoping the formula on the blue polish was just a fluke. 

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*This product was provided for review. All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by anyone.